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Hico is the first and the largest manufacturer of standard plastic injection molding in Iran

Hico,the founder of the continuous plastic industry in Iran, began its research since 1989, and in 1991 its production line was launched in the field of building prefabricated plastic injection molding blocks - Dictation mould – pet – pe - rubber. With over 29 years of engineering experience the company succeeded in employing clever strategies to fix prices at the same time as increasing the quality of its products. Throughout these years, the company has exclusively devoted its full potential to improving the quality of its production blocks for the molding industry, and today it has reached the highest level of quality in the European standard and has the largest volume of production and sales in this sector Is The component parts of the blocks are all standard and completely interchangeable and if they so desire, respectable buyers can change the size and size of the block pages requested by their needs according to their needs.

Features of the standard plastic injection molding

Saving on the expired price

Use of special steel and

material according to

customer's order

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Saving on build time

Possibility to replace each component

 0/03 Tolerance 

The time of the drill hole with the mold wall for easy molding

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Flange guide system

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Die set without stripper

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Die Sets Rear Pillars

| Three-dimensional files

HICO Company For the sake of convenience, designers with the design of plastic injection molds have three dimensional files for all designers to be completely free of charge.

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Installation guide
ejector plate

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installation Locating
ring & squre bushing

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